I am fascinated by cities, the size, the dirt, the warmth, the people. What make cities cities? People, definelty. We all live in this collective amnesia of our shared existence; existing, breathing, laughing, walking these paved streets. Cities shape dreams, dreams shape cities, both shape us. Our hopes, desires, sadness, loneliness and companionships is based on the morbid relationship with cities.

Can cities be lonely places sometimes? There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel lonely. Lonely as if the silence of the city has engulfed them and they will disappear in the crowd. Cities have this strange power to make us lonely. Those dark nights when you wake up in an empty bus in the bus-stop, realising you are alone in a city is horrifying. I wish cities don’t make us lonely, I wish cities don’t make us loose our desires, I wish all the cities in this wide world switch off those neon lights on top of hotels and apartments to give us a moment of calm, a moment to find companionship, a moment to see ourselves in the window pane of a car, a moment to remember, a moment to forget.

Photographer type of person, zine maker. Killing time on the internet